How We Grew Tuck and Bundle's Sales 217%

"Conversion Engine helped us scale our sales when we were first getting started. We love how much they helped with our ads and so much more."
Miranda Tripp
Founder & Owner

The Problem

Before Tuck and Bundle started working with Conversion Engine, they were using organic social and giveaways to grow sales and were looking for a strategy that would enable them to scale without spending more time on social media. The top challenges they faced were:

  • Slow growth.
  • Too much time required to manage giveaways and social media.
  • Lack of a marketing strategy that would enable them to scale.

The Solution

When we started working with Tuck and Bundle, we focused on helping them with:

  • Creating ad campaigns that shared their key value props and brand messaging.
  • Designing scroll-stopping ads that converted.
  • Running A/B tests to find winning, scaleable ad creative.
  • Optimizing audiences and targeting strategies to improve ROAS.
  • Developing an effective overall growth strategy to scale sales.

The Results

After working with Conversion Engine, Tuck and Bundle was able to:

  • Grow sales 217%.
  • Increase ROAS 106%.

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