How We Grew Armadillo Hat Co's Sales 169%

"Wow! We killed last year's sales numbers."
Heath Nash
Founder & Owner

The Problems

Before Armadillo Hat Co started working with Conversion Engine, they were working with a large agency, but were having some issues.

  • They weren't hitting their target ROAS on Facebook and Google.
  • Internal response time was slow, and Armadillo Hat Co had to wait up to a month to get changes made.

The Solution

Once Armadillo Hac Co started working with Conversion Engine, we conducted in-depth brand research to make sure we deeply understood the Armadillo Hat Co brand ethos, story, and key value propositions. This enabled us to:

  • Design scroll-stopping ads that shared the Armadillo Hat Co story and lifestyle.
  • Come up with new brand taglines like "Be bold. Live proud. Look good." and "100% country. It's who we are."
  • Run highly profitable Google and Meta ad campaigns.
  • Generate 31%+ of monthly revenue from email + SMS marketing.

The Results

The results from our marketing efforts included:

  • 169% sales growth
  • 71% ROAS increase
  • 31% of total revenue from email + SMS

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